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Cold Time Autumn: What you need to do now to avoid getting sick

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Because of heat and dry season, summer 2018 is not only in Europe. Until October there are sunny days, where you can go on T-shirts in the fresh air. But it was over now, in some places there was the first ground ice. Even if ice and snow are still coming, you can't be fooled: Because who's underestimated the fall, has a cold fever now.

Unless you comply with a number of rules:

Hello! Winter coat!

Even if it hurts: Say goodbye to the chic – but at this temperature the jacket transition is too thin. His property immediately in the basement, copied with other summer items. Instead, say hello to the winter coat, which is now allowed to be pulled from the basement to the dressing room.

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Bye T-Shirt!

Punished little sin: Even if it's comfortable and warm in the apartment, the one who takes out the garbage only on the T-shirt or runs fast to a kiosk in the corner, can catch a cold. Better: Cover jackets and scarves – even with short distances.

Deep sleep!

Especially important for preventing colds is getting enough sleep and deep sleep. Sleep early and sleep as long as possible. If possible, try not to schedule appointments for at least three nights a week and use the night for rituals such as a full bath or feet. Seven to eight hours of rest is ideal for prevention.

Keep your distance!

4. Cold Avoid contact

To avoid infection, avoid cold contact, if possible.

Even though interpersonal warmth is great, leave it at the verbal level for now. Kissing, hugging and even shaking hands must be kept to a minimum.

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Washing hands!

If you do not want to shake hands, you should use gloves or be careful to wash your hands regularly with soap. Although water and soap do not kill the virus, they effectively cleanse it. So be sure to spread the soap thoroughly, even in interdental spaces. Clean the soap foam and then clean it.

More sex!


If you come into contact with other people, then it's the same, because sex strengthens the immune system. During sex, the body comes in contact with various foreign germs – this is a truly trained immune system. A study in Zurich with male volunteers concluded that the concentration of "killer cells" in the blood after orgasm doubled. A long-term study from the US shows that two to three times a week's sex increases the number of antibodies in saliva in both men and women.

Many drink!

Like in summer: drink, drink, drink! The best tea. It not only keeps you warm from inside, it also prevents mucous membranes from drying out and loses their protective function to pathogens. The best is herbal tea, said Johannes Gottfried Mayer from the University of Würzburg. "Herbal tea for prevention must mainly provide mucus or saponins and antiviral and antibacterial essential oils." Mucus and saponins form a protective film over the mucous membrane, essential oils are antiviral and antibacterial. Suitable herbs: marshmallow, licorice, thyme, peppermint

2. Many cold drinks

Herbal tea is very good for preventing colds.

Bathe your nose!

Oh land. Sounds disgusting, but it's a goldwerter tip. Through stuck mucus water released and can flow away This depends on the right technique: Head tilted when implanted to the side. In this posture the water stays in the nose and does not flow into the throat. After a few seconds, you tilt your head forward so that water can flow out of your nose! Back: nose clean!

Cold shower!

Cold showers in the cold sounded very stupid. However, the shower alternates coldly and warmly stimulates the immune system. You should always stop with a cold cast, which triggers an important warming reaction in the body.

If you avoid a cold shower from head to toe, you can limit yourself to the lower arm or leg.

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Don't get too hot!

Even if it's cold and uncomfortable outside, you shouldn't put the heater permanently at the highest level. Air heater ensures dry mucous membrane. The wet and slimy protective shield on our nose, from which the virus is ideally intercepted, will no longer function properly. So if you sit in the hot room for too long, your immune system is weakened!

Eat right!

Who wants to stay healthy in the winter, must strengthen their own defenses. This can also contribute to the right diet. Balanced and healthy nutrition is also important during cold periods. These foods really strengthen the immune system.

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