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"O & # 39; zapft is." This appeal is known from Oktoberfest when the first barrel of the Volksfest is stung. A barrel hit came on Friday in Bern. At the newly opened City Pub, in the former Kino City on Aarbergergasse, Festbock beer was served in 2018 by the Felsenau brewery. This is the first major event held by restaurant owners Adrian Franz and Christian Stoop in their restaurant.

Mature in the basement

In the Bockbiere tradition, which is brewed for the festive and Lent season, Brewmasters Felsenau has prepared beer bock beer at the end of May. Since then, it has been cooked in a cellar, deep in the rock on the Enge peninsula. Currently, beer is available from Coop in the Bern region as well as in several catering companies.

Beer Order for Coop Managers

It has become a tradition that the Felsenau brewery on the occasion of a Festbock-prick of personality is campaigning for various beers, medal hands. In recent years, this has included the late Old City President Alexander Tschäppät or Hans Traffelet, the old president of Gastro Stadt Bern. This year's award was given to Bruno Maeder, Head of Category Management in the Sales Area of ​​Bern of Coop.

"Promotion of regional products, especially from local factories, is very important for him," Matthias Kuratli said in his speech. Kuratli, who today runs a PR agency, sat with Maeder for years on the Coop sales management board in Bern. Together they enjoy one or two beers.

(Berner newspaper)

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