Boy George about getting old, happy, sad, and famous


Scandal opened his life. After almost 20 years, Boy George (57) returned with his band's Cultural Club. Today, he doesn't really care about what other people think of him.

He is one of the most dazzling stars of pop history: Boy George (57) polarized the world with his appearance in the 80s. Now the singer is celebrating his comeback with Culture Club, his old band. He was glad he wasn't 20 years old, he claimed to be on the phone.

LOOKING: How are you from childhood?
Boy George: It's a bit troublesome. I have rebelled against everything and everyone.

Do you still do it today?
No, I have enough drama in life. I have become much more adaptable. Anyone who still wants to cross the wall at 57 doesn't understand anything yet.

At its peak, he knew everything The world …
That's right, I am a global trauma (laugh).

In terms of what?
Many love me, because many hate me. It was extreme for my soul. I am very confused and confused. It's hard to imagine how I can cross the road without being run over.

How do you change fame?
Success manipulates the way a person views the world. You begin to believe what you hear and read about yourself. That is dangerous. Fame is like a hurry. If he fails, you stand there and don't understand it anymore. It was a long time before I could see clearly.

Are there times when you are tired of being Boy George?
Oh yes, every day! I am the typical twins: Eager is part of my nature. I often think my life is a nightmare. But then I saw a lot of gray people out there and immediately stopped complaining.

What make you sad?
Just today I saw a video about how two people shaved sheep. They are very brutal, it is irresistible. Injustice to animals, but also people are very sad.

What makes you happy?
Fresh coffee. And beautiful people! But also beautiful objects and buildings. It sounds superficial, I know. But hey, I'm a boy, we're very shallow. Seriously, consciously perceiving beauty still managed to make me short of breath.

Do you feel beautiful?
No, I'm always between beautiful and ugly. So I can decide on one side or the other.

Do you want to be young again?
For God's sake, no! I enjoy getting older. Confidence becomes stronger. Maybe it's just that you don't care about what other people think of you.

What else do you like about that? olderto be?
Clarity. The more years we have, the fewer answers we seek. David Bowie once said that in the end, there are only two questions left: how long do you have left? And how do I use it very wisely?

They use it with their old band. For the first time in almost 20 years, you're on tour again. Why?
In the last decade I have done a lot of DJs. But it starts to bore me. I miss fellowship again. It's more satisfying to make music collectively than just pressing a button at the club.

What do you regret?
Many. But it's okay. What you regret has shown you where the boundaries are. As you know, I have done some limit experiences.

They have been for years drug dependence …
That was long gone. Fortunately!

And the alcohol?
I am more forgiving. A little fun still has to happen. After all, I have never been a child of sadness.

What are you proud of?
To never be cruel. I can look in the mirror every morning with a clean conscience. Even though what I see sometimes causes me anxiety.

Because the man in the mirror doesn't usually look like Boy George. So I started working as soon as possible! (Laugh)


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