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Bad case of Superstar Marco Illy

Investment bankers want to show it to their CS and start at UBS – an irreverent rule of justice, now it falls very deep.

Marco Illy made the number one CS in Swiss investment banking, clear to Illy: I own the world.

His old friend, Thomas Gottstein, saw it differently. He owns the world, he said, and Illy's colds.

Not with me, Lad, Illy said to herself, breaking CS after years of loyalty and joining … UBS. Main rival. Direct competitor. Intimate enemy.

Imagine from better days: Illy, company

And now: Illy doesn't switch to UBS. Transfers failed before Illy even appeared at a new workplace. This was reported yesterday on the Finews media industry.

Reason: Illy has driven CS customers to UBS before he was under contract there. From the paid holiday idl CS has served UBS: capital mistakes.

CS did not miss the chance of a scandal. He puts Illy on the road without notice, threatening deep legal conflicts.

Now UBS has tamed itself. Illy will not start at the new location, it was announced yesterday.

This case provides an eloquent testimony of skills and culture at the top of Swiss Banking. Illy is one of the absolute cracks in the country, resulting in a career of 50 to 100 million CS.

And today: bankruptcy at its best. It was only because the dealers were very well known and Wheeler did not have a simple insight that he had to maintain his non-competition, as long as CS paid for it.

Every year millions of people earn a living, dealing with the most influential circles in Switzerland, enjoying a reputation as makers and experts:

But if he then has to take it back for a while, he stumbles on his own displeasure.

Illy's failure is an example of a banker who knows no limits for himself. Now he fell very deep and hard.

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