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«Arno only once»

Since 1956 (!) Paul Berri (78) is a good soul from HC Davos, is there for players, knows their habits well and of course their personality. After 22 years, they also came from retired coach Arno Del Curto (62).

"Arno's resignation hit me in the heart. After the match in Zurich I somehow had a strange feeling. However, I was very close on Tuesday morning. The day after I felt better. In my 62 years with HCD I have experienced many things, but especially with Arno.

He is like a child to me. He values ​​my honesty. Over the years, no unspoken words have fallen between us. Arno passionately lost something. His special type, Arno only once. The light after the title is the most beautiful for me. And when his father got sick, they also realized that behind a hard shell was a gentle man. Like me too.

Choosing anecdotes after years together is almost impossible. But I always have to smile about the following: When Arno got his new BMW X5, I had to take the car home. But I did not find the reverse gear, the players had to show where it was. On the way to his old farmhouse, the snow plow came to see me and I had to rearrange. Also there I did not find a reverse gear, a farmer helped me. When I was with Arno on the way back to the ice hall, he sat behind the wheel. And he told me quite well that I might not drive this car again. We laugh together. "

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