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Affair of Pierre Maudet – "The longer this affair, the greater the damage to the image" – News

Pierre Maudet counted. Switzerland FDP and the Cantonal Party have asked the Geneva government council to resign. But Maudet did not want to resign. This behavior is very unfortunate not only the FDP, but the reputation of the entire policy, said political scientist Georg Lutz.

Georg Lutz

Georg Lutz

Professor of Political Science

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Political scientist Georg Lutz, Link opens in a new window is a professor at the University of Lausanne. Prior to that, he was the leader of the Swiss "Selects" elective study project at the Research Center for Social Sciences in Lausanne.

SRF News: Did Pierre Maudet endanger the FDP?

Georg Lutz: He obviously didn't do the party. The longer this affair, the greater the damage to the image. And whatever happens now: The leadership of the party has called him clearly today to resign. He almost showed it by saying: No, it was irrelevant to him.

The FDP has long worked to get rid of their image as bankers and the economy.

This is a business that is of no use to any party. He is not the only one at this time. I think the party has now succeeded in speaking clearly nationally and also in Cantonese and saying that it does not tolerate it. This is at least the first step to limit the damage a little.

Tip FDP has spoken plain text. Has a politician in Switzerland been asked by his party to retire with the same harsh words?

This is of course rare. Most of the criticism – especially from other party members – but a little softer. Someone might advise someone to think about something and think about their position. The fact that there are now very clear demands for resignation, in fact, I remember last time when Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf was elected to the Federal Council.

The clear demand for resignation was the last time Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf was elected to the Bundesrat.

Your party, SVP, also advised him not to accept the position, or immediately resigned. But conversely communication is often more diplomatic, because after all it is about party friends.

Aspirations for the party committee running. However, Maudet retained his position as a Member of the State Council.

That is how it is. Mr. Maudet was chosen by people for full term. He just started. No one can force him to resign. Only Mr. Maudet can decide whether to resign from his government office. What the national party leadership and cantons mean formally is totally irrelevant.

What the national party leadership and cantons mean formally is totally irrelevant.

Will it happen if Pierre Maudet is elected to the Federal Council?

That's exactly like that. There is also someone who is elected until the end of the legislature. This will continue until 2019 and no one forced him to resign.

Why is there no impeachment procedure in Switzerland?

If someone wants to introduce such a thing, people must find a mechanism for how people can decide about resignation. This is actually true of the system too. But if people have to decide, a procedure is needed. They usually don't leave quickly. Often, then, it might be the case that the term ends too, until such a procedure is completed.

Did Pierre Maudet damage political reputation?

That's a problem. And that's what might bother many people who aren't even in FDP. Politicians and political parties do not have a very high reputation among people. Such matters do not help, that this improves.

Such matters do not help improve political reputation.

For many people it is frustrating. I think most politicians are actually there to work for the common good. You invest a lot of time without being paid for it. Of course, they totally dislike individual cases that cause great damage to the public.

The interview was conducted by Barbara Büttner.

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