Monday , March 30 2020
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A 23-year-old boy was robbed at the market and injured

During lunch break, on Tuesday at 12:30, a young woman became a robbery victim. Officers watched a stranger in the locker room trying to work on his wallet and stole his wallet. When he asked him, he hit his face and fled to the stairs.

They were alerted by cries for help his colleagues tried to stop the runaway man, where he fell a few steps and then lost his wallet. He fled in an unknown direction. The woman was slightly injured in the robbery.

The police are looking for witnesses

Criminal politicians from the city prosecutor's office in Basel are looking now for the unknown, which is described as follows: Ca. Aged 50-60 years, height of about 1, 75 meters, white skin, slender body, short hair, gray, maybe bald teeth, ugly teeth, and teeth cracks. According to information he was wearing a flat hat, a dark sweater made of a thin cloth put together, a dark jacket and light jeans. The man also speaks broken German. According to the victims, it was Eastern Europe. Instructions must be addressed to the police.

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