20 minutes – That's why Maudet holds fast to his position


Geneva State Council member Pierre Maudet has been confronted for months on charges of taking profits. He was accused of traveling to Abu Dhabi in 2015 at the expense of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan. Meanwhile, he was also suspected of committing a tax violation. The Swiss FDP president, Petra Gössi, has publicly expressed his distrust.


Should Pierre Maudet resign?

For this reason, Swiss FDP is considering "Lex Maudet". If a member seriously damages the interests of the national party, it must be excluded from the party. This said the FDP State Council Andrea Caroni told the "Federation". In addition, the Geneva regional council is currently drafting a law to be able to sell Maudet as the State Council.

Maudet remains sturdy

Apart from all the allegations, Maudet remained in the office. On Tuesday night, the Geneva FDP base at an extraordinary meeting with only 341 to 312 votes only revealed their confidence. This should give him a little breath. But why did Maudet hold fast to his office?

"He is convinced that he did not make a mistake and that this is not relevant to the continuation of his career," said political scientist Georg Lutz of the University of Lausanne. "He believes that he can sit in an affair and survive politically." Personal reasons certainly will also play a role. "He will lose his job, a lot of power and money, and will be the main politician for fallen angels."

«Maudet is considered a miracle»

"For many years Maudet has been regarded as a miracle of Swiss political children, its journey to Estates or even the Federal Council has been predetermined," said political scientist Mark Balsiger. But it turned out that he had lost strength under his feet for some time and considered himself untouched. "Looking back, he remembers Louis XIV, the King of the Sun of France."

"Maudet clearly has no reflectivity in its own goals. This case generally damages political reputation," Balsiger said. Maudet is like many politicians who are driven by his ego: "The egos of most politicians are great. Otherwise they will not be able to go this far."

«Want to restore trust»

Pierre Maudet did not want to let this reproach befall him. He claimed: "I want to fight and use my energy to serve Geneva, with allegations that he is arrogant and has lost his footing. I want to serve the FDP and the Canton of Geneva. That is determination and no arrogance."

Maudet said he was sad after the vote on the party's confidence in the split. However, the party has demonstrated its ability to debate. He takes critical voices seriously. Isn't it easier to back down? "I'm not someone who wants to take the easy path."

A politician must be an example. However, being an example does not mean perfect. He also remembers twelve good years where he campaigned for his city and city. This is not forgetting most of my Geneva party. "That's why I want to restore trust in my people."

He only traveled to Abu Dhabi to serve the interests of the Canton of Geneva. Maudet said, "It's never been about preferential treatment or consideration."


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