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Swiss people prefer to pay by credit card rather than cash. This is the conclusion of the portal comparison.ch comparison in the latest study. Thus, 70 percent of those surveyed preferred this payment method. This is considered safer and easier than cash, he said in a relevant media release on Wednesday.


Do you want a community without cash?

In the current survey, bonus.ch has interviewed around 1 500 500 people. More than half of the respondents said that they often use their credit cards or very often. This result is even clearer for men at 57.6 percent compared to women at 42.1 percent.

As the results show, aspects such as security and ease of payment are very important for high utilization rates. For example, around 70 percent of respondents said they used their cards for two reasons.

Important customer benefits

Apparently, customer benefits for Switzerland are also very important for provider choices. Nearly 60 percent of respondents consider this benefit to be important for the most important.

In addition, additional credit card fees are also relevant as selection criteria. Overall, respondents were not satisfied here. Only less than 38 percent considered that they were beneficial for those who were very profitable.

Cash still popular?

Recently in June, a survey by the Swiss National Bank revealed that about a third of purchases of more than 1,000 francs were paid in cash.

"Switzerland is still a cash country," said Bettina Gehring, a payment expert at Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) at the request of 20 minutes. Swiss people want to have something in their hands.

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