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20 minutes – «Never leave home with training pants»

The trainer pants uprising from Basler Wirtschaftsgymnasiums caused a stir on Friday. The Gymnasium is the only school in Basel where there are restrictions on comfortable pants.

"Today is the last day of high school graduation, today is always a cleric," said Patrick Langloh, Chancellor of the Gymnasium Ekonomi, at the request of 20 minutes. This was the first time this high school graduate raised this issue, so Langloh saw no basis for changing dress codes. "Of course, if it becomes a serious topic at school, we will discuss it accordingly," he said.

That's what our readers say

In the readers' 20 minutes, the ban causes emotional debate in the comments column. "Even if students don't want to admit it, no one can work with coach pants anywhere. This business school is preparation, so apply economic rules," one reader wrote.

But not everyone shares his opinion, on the contrary. Coach pants can fit, another said: «Certain brands of tracksuits make something beautiful. After completing a degree in business administration, Breitling, Rolex or IWC shines on your wrist. Then it's fun again in line. »

"Tommy" users don't like training pants in public, but freedom says: "I have never left home in my life with training pants. And the only reason I did that was to show that such personal freedom was cut."

Leonhard's Gymnasium managed to fight

The back view shows: Basel students are bound to their freedom to wear whatever they want. Two years ago, Leonhard Gymnasium discussed the ban on coach pants.

That topic heated up the mind, even in the regional parliament, it was on the agenda. But even the teachers were not enthusiastic about the idea of ​​the ban, the proposal was canceled.


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