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20 minutes – "My Tourette makes everything much harder for me"

After a video of his ticks made an online round, Billie Eilish said on Tuesday via Instagram, since becoming ill with Tourette.


What do you think about the treatment of open stars with their diseases?

This is how it works: Install the latest version of the application 20 minutes. On the home screen, tap the top three strips, then gear. At the bottom of "Themes", you move the bolt to the right in "People" – it's already running.

Incidentally, the 20-minute team was also on Instagram.

The 16-year-old singer and musician from Los Angeles says she doesn't really want to talk about her condition, she doesn't want people to think about Tourette every time they see me. However, he wanted people to stop acting strange to him and decided to take this step.

«I am an open book»

Tourette's syndrome is a neurological disorder in which individuals have involuntary physical or verbal tics. In the Eilish case, they are physical, not verbal. "They aren't very visible if you don't focus on that," said the pop genius boy.

Get out and play, America's newest single. (Source: Youtube / Billie Eilish)

Nevertheless, the disease is challenging: "My Tourette makes simple things much harder for me." But he has learned since his diagnosis at a young age to deal with it.

The extraordinary young artist did not want to specify. "If you want to know more, ask me, I'm an open book," he finally wrote in his post.

The other stars also talk openly about their chronic diseases, you see at the top of the photo gallery.


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