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20 minutes – Hundreds of influencers want to go to the Swiss Super Pool

It all started with this post by Brazilian influencer Fabi Gama in 2016:


Are you also influenced by influencers?

And since then, the infinite pool at Villa Honegg ob Ennetbürgen NW has been running sharply: more than 20,000 posts have been published on Instagram alone with the hashtag #villahonegg – "and Villa Honegg is a global reference when it comes to social media hypes away," reports Tamedia editor.

The web stands above the Swiss hotel pool

Philipp Tschumi, Deputy host of luxury hotels, provides figures. First of all, he stated: "The swimming pool hype is keeping us busy today." So the hotel still receives 20 questions weekly from influencers, who also want to report on swimming pools. But the hotel is selective: Only one result of collaboration per month, Tschumi said.

Also more figures show what the swimming pool hype at the Nidwaldner dream hotel has sparked, as the Tamedia editor under Stv sources. Hosts continue to report:

• In the past, hotels received an average of 40 emails per day, in 2017 sometimes up to ten times more.

• Interactions and bookings through social media have also increased.

• In the past, guests from Switzerland and Central Europe used to visit Villa Honegg. Now more and more customers are coming from the US, Asia or the Arab world.

"" The most pleasant thing, of course, is the economic effect, "Tschumi said: While hotels, which were renovated in 2011, have an average capacity utilization of 60 percent from 2013 to 2016, it has been 90 percent or more since 2017." This is a value which is fantastic compared to other hotels in our category. "

The Villa Honegg has become a kind of role model institution when it comes to virality and influencing: According to Tschumi even students dealing with the Honegg case, they, among other things, question whether social media hype can be controlled. Result: "Hype cannot be made to order, but in some cases it can be controlled."

That's what the person in charge said right after the hype started in 2016. (Video archive 20 minutes)


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