Thursday , May 6 2021

20 minutes – humans stole more than 1000 bottles of alcohol

More than 1000 bottles of champagne and whiskey were stolen by 44-year-old men from supermarkets and sold to kiosk operators. Now the Criminal Court of Lucerne has sentenced him to jail for 16 months. Romans have also been expelled for five years in the country.

The amount of theft is around 40,000 francs

According to the verdict published on Sunday, the court assumed that the defendant was in Switzerland for at least 120 working days in 2015 and 2016. On average, he was said to have stolen three bottles of champagne or whiskey in different cantons three times a day at the supermarket.

The defendant committed his actions in the prosecutor's own representation, with his wife or colleague. Alcohol sold in Zurich to kiosk operators. Stolen goods are estimated by the court to be 40,000 francs, yielding for 6,500 francs.

However, in the indictment, only a few cases of shoplifting in which the accused was involved were documented. When the court wrote in its verdict, the defense lawyer complained that the allegations were based on abstract calculations and that his client was charged with violations of blue.

Several thousand francs were transferred to Romania

The Criminal Court saw in the prosecutor's proceedings but did not violate the principle of the indictment. The indictment is based on the defendant's statement, it applies. This is indeed a flat rate, but can be used. Large and expensive research to strengthen statements will not be imposed.

The court condemned the defendant for commercial theft and part of the gang. Because he transferred several thousand francs to Romania, he was also convicted of money laundering. In addition there are violations of the immigration law. The man was released from charges of entering without permission.

The court announced an unconditional imprisonment of 16 months, counting him for more than four months of pre-trial detention. He left conditional execution, because the defendant had been sentenced abroad several times.

The thief wants to make a living

The defendant was an "experienced international thief" who "acted professionally and directed", the court wrote in his assessment. He has it designed to make a living by shoplifting it. The court considers the defendant to be good that he has acted on certain financial needs and not because of greed.

The defendant was exiled to Romania in April 2017. The court gave him a reprieve for a period of five years. Judgment is not final. Appeal has been submitted.

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