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Will the AIK platform be under pressure?

Two points divide the team. Now it will be decided: Will AIK or IFK Norrköping lift Lennart Johansson's glass this afternoon? "It's only about focusing at the moment," said Aik Henok Goitom. "We cannot influence everything," said coach Norrkoping, Jens Gustafsson.

Will this be the AIK jubilee this afternoon? Stock Photography.picture: Björn Larsson Rosvall / TT

For AIK, it's very possible to draw a tie against Kalmar FF so that gold can go home, regardless of what happened in the match between Häcken and IFK Norrköping (as long as Norrkoping won 10-0).

But AIK, with a total of ten failed matches this year, don't bet on another cross.

"We have a match plan and a win against Kalmar. We always have it without a team, we don't think in results but we want to go there to win the match," said AIK captain Henok Goitom.

AIK has missed the chance to put itself in golden fashion during the season – and when the match arrived, last Sunday at home against Gif Sundsvall, the team missed the title to secure the title.

But the Stockholm team had another gold position to secure the first gold since 2009.

"We know that this game is about focusing on the present and not thinking too much about the future, because this is when you think about the future, because you can easily control what you can do in the future," he said.

In the AIK camp, the big question is how many early players were forced to succeed in crucial matches. Kristoffer Olsson and Enoch Kofi Adu were suspended. And goalkeeper Oscar Linnér and midfield star Sebastian Larsson have both been drawn with lukewarm problems and feel insecure.

For the Norrköping section, there are some who dare to believe that this situation will arise. The team has secured second place and qualified for the Europa League – although only a few times since eight points went up to AIK.

Now there are only two.

"We are very happy that we are in a situation where we have the opportunity to play gold. So we cannot influence everything, but getting into it is a bit lost and we enjoy it. At the same time, we know that it is a big challenge waiting we are in Hisingen, said Managing Director Jens Gustafsson.

Häcken has so far not lost any of his 14 home matches in all of Sweden. At the same time, IFK Norrköping won seven all Sweden's direct wins against Häcken since spring 2015.

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"We are very careful to work with what we can influence and want to do if we have done everything we can when we leave Hisingen. We will not regret anything when the match ends. If we then go with silver or big gold, let's see, but we want to do everything so that it can be our advantage, "Gustafsson said.

Despite being abandoned, Norrköping will get strong support. Häcken has released 3,000 tickets to Norrköping supporters and almost half of the Bravida arena is filled.

Kalmar expects a bigger decline: around 7,000 black-yellow supporters are expected to go to the Golden Bird Arena.

All matches in the last round start at 15.00.


The last ten championships

2017: Malmö FF

2016: Malmö FF

2015: IFK Norrköping

2014: Malmö FF

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