Monday , June 21 2021

Three people were arrested on suspicion of rape on Södermalm

Rape should have occurred just before midnight in the Björn park near Medborgarplatsen on Södermalm. Registration is done at 23.47 on Friday night.

The woman herself contacted the police patrol on the site and then was taken to the hospital. According to the police, he was "old".

Three people were arrested

Suspected crime scenes are blocked and technicians, along with search dogs, conduct crime scene investigations.

The police stated that three people were suspected of having committed crimes. They have been arrested by the prosecutor.

"They were arrested in connection with the crime scene," said Anders Bryngelsson, presidential spokesman in Stockholm Police.

The initial investigation began with a gross degree of rape.

One of the men who was arrested was allegedly raped in rape, sources told Aftonbladet.

Police are looking for witnesses for the event

The police wanted to make contact with eyewitnesses for the event.

– Are you interested in this problem at midnight in central Södermalm, if you want to hear from 114 14, Anders Bryngelsson states.

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