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The price of electricity is high when winter stands for doors – News

Moving electricity prices is at a higher level compared to previous years. This is partly due to the fact that there is very bad water in Swedish and Norwegian magazines, and that it is a big driver of price upwards, and some of the price of carbon dioxide emissions has increased quite a lot, "said Daniel Engstrm, an electricity analyst at the Swedish Energy Agency , TT, indicates that the water level has recovered quite well after the fall rain.

When it's cold seeing electricity consumption – last week, electricity consumption in the Nordic region increased 15 percent compared to the previous week, consulting company Sweco wrote in its weekly letter.

The price of electricity has increased from cold weather, that's only because demand is increasing now, said Johan Bruce, Senior Advisor at Sweco.

Some factors

In addition to the more expensive emission benefits, and the level of hydroelectric power in the magazine is somewhat lower than usual, the price of electricity is also affected by the situation of nuclear power in Belgium, according to Bruce.

There is very low availability of nuclear power in Belgium because only one reactor is underway and the rest is turned off due to technical problems, which increases electricity prices.

The price of fuel was also highlighted by him as important for the development of winter electricity prices.

When it comes to coal prices, we really have seen a recent decline, caused by some types of economic slowdown in China and, above all, in situations of low water flow in the German rivers. When it is not possible to transport coal to coal power plants, the port stock becomes overflowing, said Johan Bruce, explaining that the price factor is expected to result in higher electricity prices than last winter.

Moving or fixed

About half of consumers have electricity prices moving through their contracts, according to analyst Daniel Engström.

And that is what is happening with the price of moving electricity now suffering, "he said.

Various factors that cannot be controlled by customers affect prices. On the other hand, you can of course influence your own electricity usage, the more kilowatts you can save on fewer costs.

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