Saturday , May 8 2021

The Norwegian Lagerbäcks Galaxy striker shot to Division B

Photo: Bildbyrån

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Ola Kamara scored twice as Norway beat Cyprus 2-0.
That was enough for the Lars Lagerbäck national team to advance to Division B.

Norway and Bulgaria are responsible for the decisions in group 3 of the C division at the same point, and with a 1-0 win at the joint meeting. Norway has a better goal difference goal to continue, and that will be the way.

Norway's Lars Lagerbäcks defeated Cyprus 2-0 in the verdict. At the same time, Bulgaria only received 1-1 home against Slovenia.

The home side took the lead after 35 minutes. Cyprus falls far down and has eleven people behind the ball. Then Håvard Nordtveit struck the opening cutter for Omar Elabdellaoui, who in turn nodded at Ola Kamara. The striker, to his teammate with Zlatan Ibrahimovic from LA Galaxy, got an open goal and could put the ball 1-0.

At the start of the second half, Kamara became the goalkeeper when he sent a corner into the net from close range.

The 29-year-old striker has one and two real weapons positions to make further goals, but then throws his position away. Alexander Sörloth also got an open goal, but he was also set on fire.

Norway won the match 2-0 and advanced to Division B. This also means that Norway will be a better seed, now in B lottery than C, for next year's EM qualification. At the same time, Norway also has the opportunity to go to the European Championship through playoffs to other group winners in Division B if the national team does not reach the European Championship through an "ordinary" European Championship qualification.

The team got a different eviction, Valentinos Sielis on the home team and Mohamed Elyounoussi at the guests. AIK Star Pull Elyounoussi, Mohamed's cousin, playing for 70 minutes for Norway.

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