Testat – Diablo III: Eternal Collection (Switch)


"Deckard Cain is dead!" I shouted at my sleeping friend, Joakim. He woke up jerk and exclaimed "No!" We just finished sleeping four hours after going to bed Diablo III. We are not cave explorers, but there is something that captivates us and the only thing that makes us rest is server maintenance.

"Change version not extension of PC game"

IN Diablo III: Eternal Collection to the Nintendo Switch, you don't need to worry about server maintenance, the only thing that stands between you and the hordes of hell is battery life. Yes, of course, this is due to the fact that it is not possible to import old characters from Battle.net. The Switch version is not an extension of the PC game, but lives in its own world. Which feels pretty good for me who hasn't played since 2012.

In a tsunami that disrupted Fanboy's opinion after the ad diablo For cellphones, I can't help giving Blizzard a little right. Diablo III will be right on a portable platform and almost that I'm looking for a long and boring flight. Diablo III where and is still the title for those who want quick confirmation. This is a party robbing and grinding without such a thing. The first 30 birds felt like long nails on their shoulders, like playing with dad behind their back: "I'm proud of you, that boy!" This is a small pinball game with everything plunging, one teaspoon Farmville and the rest is completely pitch black. Just hundreds of hours with a game that makes you feel comfortable for one time. Which is very suitable for this particular format.

However, it is not a quick and easy thing to do Diablo III became a good title for the latest Nintendo. The switch in my opinion is one of the better consoles since the console became something. It's not trying to be a PC as much as it is, but it gives us far more than good graphics. Finally I can play Diablo III in bed with a cat's back as support, or in this case take it with me when I have to show my parents every three months.

"With a little pressure, I have released my warehouse & Vet hut, joking! & # 39;"

You might ask yourself how this portable machine handles games like Diablo III? Very good. Of course, it would be fun with a little bit of equalization of the edges, but you will soon forget when the horde of two-legged helmets with spears approached. They were looking for blood, but the demon hunter Klein was guided by an experienced FZ writer and with some pressure I had let go of my warehouse "Vet hut, joking!" and my hero once again won the battle. I quickly forgot that this was the first game that came out to the PC, because it felt like it had been done for the Switch.

Controlling my demon hunter through various infernons playing on the small screen is played smoothly. This game has definitely been released to Sony and Microsoft consoles for a long time, but that's nothing I faced. diablo will be played on a PC. But with the Switch version, Blizzard made me think. The controls are thoughtful and quick to navigate the menu, which is a must in games where there is a lot of loot. I just hope there is someone I can offer. Instead, I stood there with my AI partner in front of the wall of hell.

However, lack of friends is something I cannot refuse Eternal Collection, for giving hours of untimely gambling to return to nurses under a higher difficulty boss. I'm not even ready for the basic game and after that I have Reaper of Souls- and The rise of the Necromancerexpansion to be expected. Then, of course, there is the possibility of playing the screen online and together with up to three friends if the breath will fall. Four friends can also play locally with each other. At the same time, I don't use my Switch as a desktop console, I have my PC, and the power of the console is, however, portable and flexible. Why does that tie me on my old TV? This is a portable console, not an Exorcist child.

I am not a fan of remasters and new releases – every thing has time in history and with the game I always try to move forward. but Diablo III: Eternal Collection is an exception. Even though I definitely played around 100 hours when it started, it still feels like a new game and thanks a lot to Nintendo. If you are going to buy a game for a long train or air travel, then I do not know of a better game than the old Blizzard crapper.


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