TEST: Chromecast generation 3 (2018) makes streaming easy


Products tested: Google Chromecast (3rd generation)
price: SEK 399 at Kjell and Company.

Generation 3 Chromecast (2018) was launched a bit like through the Google event earlier this year. This is despite the fact that the last Chromecast (generation 2) was released three years ago. The fact that the company does not carry out the main features of launching Chromecast, which is still very popular, depends on one thing – the new generation does not contain many new things. Although Chromecast (2018) has updated the hardware, there isn't much to distinguish it from its predecessor.


Appearance, Chromecast 3 is also very similar to generation 2. This is a round chip with Google login. Of course, the new version might be a little cleaner, but because this is something you learn to hang behind a TV or screen, the design really doesn't play any role.

2018 3rd generation Chromecast
photo: Jared Newman / IDGChromecast Generation 3 next to Chromecast Generation 1.


Getting started is very easy. You only connect Chromecast to a TV (or other screen) with HDMI output. Then connect the power cable to the USB cable and adapter. To use the Chromecast, you need to connect it to a wifi network that is the same as the device you want to transmit from the drive, and add Chromecast to the Google Home application for Android and Iphone. Ready to drive.


New hardware under the shell will, according to Google, make this Chromecast up to 15 percent faster than its predecessor. Of course, this feels like a rapper, especially when it comes to starting a film. In addition, it can now stream 1080p video in 60Hz, unlike the previous generation that set 720p in 60Hz, or 1080p in 30Hz.

This now allows you to stream movies in this format without sacrificing "stream" of Youtube movies and clips.


Apart from streaming movies from services like Youtube and Netflix to your TV, there are many other uses. You can view photos from your mobile with Google Photos, your application can also create live albums that appear as pop-ups when Chromecast isn't used.

You can also play several Android games, where you transmit games and cellphones to function as controls. And if you use Chrome as a browser, there is almost no limit to what you can transmit from the web, because you can get rid of all Chrome, both from cellular and computer.

Google Home Chromecast

Voice commands with Google Home

Google dongle is a great complement for your smart home to easily take everything you do on your mobile on a larger screen. Chromecast has also received enhanced support on Google Home, including the ability to add Chromecast to the speaker group for easier home audio settings. However, this works with all Chromecast versions, not just the 3rd generation tested here.

If you choose to connect your Chromecast to Google Home, many things are easier to control, even with sound. To say "Hello Google, Orange is new black on tv", and getting Netflix to start playing is very smooth. But there are still many services that do not have voice support.

The only thing you can voice is Google Apps and several other people, such as Netflix, Spotify, Youtube, and Google Photos. For example, HBO Nordic does not have support for this. This makes voice control somewhat limited. There are many applications that support clean casting, that is, clicking on the icons in the application and everything running on the screen – something works really well.

The Google Home application makes sense to function as a focal point for all the services you have by linking and displaying recommendations for their films, comics and music. But unfortunately, there seems to be some random tips, so in practice, you need to open the Netflix application, for example, if you want to find something that makes sense.


M3 recommends

If you use Google Home or don't want your computer to connect to a TV to watch movies, then Google Chromecast is really not recommended. Especially because there are not many costs in relation to other technology gadgets. And if you buy a new Chromecast, then this is definitely the version you bought.

But if you already have generation 2, you really don't need to increase, saving a few seconds when you start the film.

And whether you are looking for 4k streaming, check out Chromecast Ultra.

Chromecast Generation Facts 3 (2018)

tested: November 2018
producer: Google
function: Streaming media player
connection: AC adapter (USB), HDMI out
Format: 1080p 60Hz
communication: wlan 802.11a / b / g / n / ac (Wifi 5), bluetooth 4.0
compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS
dimension: 52 × 13.8 × 52 millimeters
weight: 40 g
price: SEK 399 at Kjell and Company.


Easy to use
Relatively cheap


Many applications do not have voice support
The Google Home application gives you many things you want


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