Ten fatalities in ship fires in the Kerch Strait – Page


Ukraine / Russia Two ships opened fire on the Kerch Strait between the Crimean Peninsula and Russia on Monday. At least ten people were killed, Russian authorities said for several media outlets.

Overall, 31 people were reported to have been on board, including from Turkey and India. Crew members have jumped into the lake to avoid the flames. A rescue operation has begun where 14 people have been rescued, according to Russian authorities. Some people should be injured in the fire.

Russian news agency Interfax reported that an explosion occurred on one of the ships. The fire will then spread to other ships, according to sources within Russian authorities. At least seven people were missing after the accident.

One of the burning ships must be a gas tanker, according to a source.

The Youtube clip from the program showed how thick black smoke rose into the sky from a burning ship.

Candlelight separates the Russian mainland from the Crimean Peninsula annexed by Ukraine and the Azov Sea from the Black Sea. Russia inaugurated a bridge over the strait last year.


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