Teenage boys are expected to answer murder – News


The 16-year-old was accused of murder, or, in particular, violent persecution and brutal attacks on the deaths of others.

My main denial denied the charges of the prosecutor, wrote a 16-year-old lawyer, Anders Tolke, to the TT before the trial.

The 14-year-old woman is not a criminal authority and therefore cannot be brought to court. On the contrary, what is called testimony is given, where he has the opportunity to give an idea of ​​what has happened, but regardless of the court's decision, no sentence will be sentenced.

He admitted that he committed some violence against the man, but he did not in any way cause the death of this person, said lawyer Martin Cullberg, 14, to the TT.

The trial will begin today in the morning and is expected to take place in five more days of negotiations. Those involved hoped that the trial would answer questions about what happened that night in the park. But given their low age, negotiations will take place behind closed doors.

On August 8, homeless men were found dead in Smedbypark. The police called the incident a death at the death of another person. But a week later, after the autopsy, the title was changed to murder. Suspicion arrived earlier to target the two boys.

The murder of the man caused mischief throughout Huskvarna. Many saw and recognized him when he often sat outside the mall in the middle.


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