Saturday , July 24 2021

Swiss crazy turn gave the group victory

Cup of Nightmare and beat 0-2 after a quarter to the World Cup in Belgium.

Then Switzerland stood up to use the giants to win 5-2 and win the group.

"It's not worth Belgian," said Jon Persson on TV 12.

Switzerland needed a win at home against Belgium to win the League of Nations group.

But Switzerland – and especially Nico Elvedi – started a nightmare. Already in the middle of the minute, midtbacken played the ball right in front of Borussia Monchengladbach goalkeeper Thorgan Hazard, who made it 1-0.

And only a quarter later, Eden Hazard's sister also put 2-0 on long-range shots against a passive home defense.

In that situation, Switzerland not only had to win – but did it with two goals.

"Absolutely impossible"

Ricardo Rodriguez reduced the penalty after 26 minutes. Haris Seferovic set a receipt five minutes later and before the first half was over, the same Seferovic had 3-2 with a shot from the right side of the penalty box.

Belgium failed to gather during the break, but after a good hour, Nico Elvedi, the man crashed from the start, could break his serve in 4-2.

The oversight was completed when Haris Seferovic who was completely empty could enter 5-2 surrounded by five passive Belgian defenders.

"Absolutely impossible," said Jon Persson on TV 12.

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