Tuesday , March 2 2021

Swedish people rampage about new treasures: "Stupid politicians" – News in Blekinge – 24 hours a day

On Wednesday, the Riksdag will make a decision regarding the current costs of radio and television, which all households pay with TV receivers every year and amount to SEK 2,400 per household.

As we have written before, it looks like the current tax will be removed instead of being taxed by anyone over the age of 18 who has taxable income, regardless of whether you have a television at home or not.

The new tax is proposed to be SEK 1,300 per person per year for all Swedes who earn more than SEK 13,600 per month. If the proposal is successful, the subscription will be deducted for everyone every month starting January 1, 2019.

Reaction from Swedish people have not expected and despite the fact that many are positive about the proposal, there are also many who are very critical. After publishing an article about the proposal last weekend, readers commented on Facebook.

Criticism arises mainly because many consider it unfair to pay for radio and television, they themselves have never listened or watched.

"Damn politicians! Really rude! I can handle them without them, they can't do it without me !!" writing annoyed readers.

"Immediately I'm joking in this damn country, hoping more people like it. Dax for change!", comment on others.

"Let Communists pay for their own crazy programs to force us to pay other people for services we don't want …" write the third reader.

At the same time, many show that they consider it fairer to spend money on SVT, SR and UR on taxes, because many TV receivers today fail to pay fees.

"Good! There's no fucking snow jacket that can go back to school.", someone wrote.

"But God is good and right on time !!!!" write other readers who support the proposal.

"I think it's HOT! Paying TV fees now, even though I don't have a TV, but I watch SVT, SVTplay and URplay so it's nothing more than true. TV-funded advertising is nothing I want!" write the third one.

If new taxes come true, low income parents can benefit from legal changes, while Sambos and families with several adult children in the household may be forced to pay more.

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