Saturday , October 23 2021

Roy Hodgson shouted Victor Nilsson Lindelöf after the injury


Victor Nilsson Lindelöf underwent a tumultuous debut season at Manchester United.

But this season he has enjoyed the trust of manager José Mourinho and played a regular place in the starting line-up.

Manchester United have recorded their weakest league leadership in 29 years and after the club match 0-0 against Crystal Palace, United were banned from the home crowd at Old Trafford.

José Mourinho later accused some of his players of losing heart.

But he also praised Lindelöf.

"Maybe he is our best player," Mourinho said.

Former England federation Roy Hodgson, currently a manager at Crystal Palace, also defended the shadow of the Swedish club midfielder.

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Lindelöf is celebrated by Roy Hodgson

Lindelöf slipped on the plane during the final part of the match with a stretch in the groin. However, Lindelöf joined and played.

"If anyone is in doubt, see Lindelöf, who is clearly injured. He keeps on racing with Wilfried Zaha and Jonathan Ayew. That doesn't say a little," Hodgson told the Manchester Evening News.

"If I am a Manchester United supporter, I would consider it one of the most impressive things that happened in the match. It pleases me.

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Hodgson continued to pay homage to the attitude of Victor Nilsson Lindelöf.

"He can easily use his injury as an apology, and both Zaha and Ayew are so fast they can jump past it and maybe even break the match.

Roy Hodgson has a background as a trainer for Halmstad BK and Malmö FF. Between 2012 and 2016 he was a British federation.

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