Saturday , July 24 2021

Reputation: Xbox One S can be released without readers next year

The internet never forgets, you usually say. Instead, Microsoft seems to have done it if you can trust rumors that are now appearing through the Thurrot site. The page that had previously guessed a number of things when it came to the Xbox rumors. On the other hand, you can never be too sure, take it with a little salt.

Microsoft is trying to launch the idea that all games must be digitally bound and need connections, a few years ago, which will end the secondary market and make many people angry. Now Microsoft seems to be launching a similar, but not so aggressive, model in the form of a budget variant of the Xbox One S without readers.

What is the future for you with physical waste? Well, according to Thurrot Brad Sams, the Xbox will open for physical-to-digital bytes with this launch. Just as it sounds, you can, as the game owner, exchange it at the Microsoft Store to get a digital copy. Whether this is an offer for your Xbox or not yet clear, on the other hand, it's far from impossible that such a feature will apply – similar to how it works today.

For you as a consumer, this means you will be able to buy a cheaper console. According to rumors they want to aim at $ 199 or cheaper, and throw a one-month Xbox Game Pass. This means you have the potential to buy an Xbox for less than $ 2,000 and get access to hundreds of games. Not that stupid.

The question now is whether Microsoft is willing to show off new consoles under E3 or if they are tighter and soften to avoid drama.

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