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Finding a balance between what people want to work and what people need is not always simple. Depending on salary, current status of the profession and a number of other factors, there are often several professions that are more sought after than others.

Every year gives SACO, Sveriges himself was centrally organized, publishing reports on the prospects of various academic professions.

They have released them now The latest estimates are seen in the next five years where professions have been divided into three categories: Small competitions, balance and high competition.

Examples of jobs with high job opportunities in five years include psychologists, social scientists, chemists and teachers. Professions that will make it difficult in the future include social welfare, welfare and health communication. The entire list can be seen below.

The results show that the expected profession is the least competitive and therefore the biggest job opportunities are:

Teachers in class F-3 and grades 4-6

Mathematicians and statisticians

Imam-Catherine and Communist

Specialist teacher and specialist teacher

Study and career counselors

Position teacher in high school

Subject teachers in grades 7-9 and high school

The profession in which there are expected to be a balance in five years is:

Hospital physicists and physicists

Geovetare and natural geographer

Horticulture, Landscape Engineers and Horticulture Engineers

Tuan hunt, forest sweeper and forest master

The profession which is expected to be the biggest competition, namely at least one job, in five years is:

Museum and Cultural Environment


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