Thursday , June 17 2021

Prosecutor shares elementary criticism – Lawyer: "Not appropriate"

Attorney Lena-Marie Bergstrom.

photo: Olsson Mathematics

Attorney Lena-Marie Bergstrom.

Yesterday was tried against SD group leader Christopher Larsson for hot people against the crowd following a real post on Facebook.

The prosecutor in the case, Lena-Marie Bergström, has shared the criticism of the elementary school from the Facebook group "SD is the same as racist" on his personal side, said SVT Blekinge.

"I questioned his objectivity and did not think he was right," said attorney Christopher Larsson, Tommy Nilsson in South East – now the case is being investigated by prosecutors in Malmö.

It was SVT Blekinge who came up with information that Facebook prosecutor Lena-Marie Bergstrom shared criticism of the Swedish Democrats with personal names. The clip where SD is equated with the Nazis.

Bergström was also a prosecutor who filed a lawsuit against SD Karlskrona group leader Christopher Larsson on Thursday against a group of people, something Southeast said about yesterday.

For SVT Blekinge, Lena-Marie Bergström said that she did not see this film as SD-critical.

"I have shared films about the Holocaust, but have not realized that he has a sender who criticizes the Swedish Democrats. In this case, I apologize for that," said Lena-Marie Bergstrom.

At the same time he said to SVT that the requirements for objectivity were not affected at all after the split of the film.

"I am against racism and this is in line with my professional role. I do not take party political positions, I am not politically interested and consider all parties bad.

Now, attorney Christopher Larsson, Tommy Nilsson wants to replace Lena-Marie Bergstrom.

"We have recorded the data and find it extraordinary that the prosecutors responsible are actively sharing films that are equivalent to elementary school racist," he told the South East.

"I strongly question its objectivity, this is a matter of legal certainty and we have asked other prosecutors to see this," said Tommy Nilsson.

Like the truth The petition, which forms the basis of the prosecution, said Christopher Larsson to the Southeast, that he believed it was within the framework of free speech.

"I have not measured Muslims as extremists. What I say is sadness for not losing religion in the public sphere. Many who live in the area have moved away from oppression and religious influence, he said.

During the afternoon, District Court Attorney Blekinge Anne Boijmarker had heard Tommy Nilsson's objections in this case, wrote SVT Blekinge.

"We have received a request for a review and use of the prison and I have sent it to the Malmö Development Center, where it will be investigated by senior prosecutors," Anne Boijmarker told SVT Blekinge.

Chief Prosecutor Anne Boijmarker.

photo: Olsson Mathematics

Chief Prosecutor Anne Boijmarker.

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