Professor: Risk of careless investigation


Photo: Fredrik Sandberg / TT

Many investigations are the result of government agreements between S, MP, C and L. Stock Photography.


According to a government agreement between S, MP, C and L, a large number of investigations must be carried out in different policy areas. The risk is that investigations get too little time with short reference times and careless and weak proposals anchored as a result, wrote Carl Dahlström, state science professor at the University of Gothenburg, on the Dagens Nyheter debate page.

This is a revolutionary problem that must be investigated, according to Dahlström. But it has been four months since his term of office and the four parties agreed to the investigator, inquiry form and direction. Investigations will then be carried out (with an average time of about one and a half years) and then reviewed, Dahlström wrote. Therefore, "it is still far from certain that the proposal will be processed before the next election," he said.

If there are more single investigators, the time may be shortened, but this complicates the consensus needed to complete the publishers through Riksdag, according to the political scientist.


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