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Problems with Windows 10 1809 continue

The October update for Windows 10 has caused a number of problems with the operating system. Now Microsoft has confirmed a new set of problems with updates, including those that put a kick on the wheel for Windows Media Player.

The problem continues to emerge for Windows 10 with a large October update. This update is very unfortunate since the first day to see the light during the day. Already in October, the distribution of updates was paused and then resumed earlier this month.

Last week, it was found that the update was not compatible with a set of drivers from Intel and caused problems for certain users. Microsoft stopped distributing this discovery once again, however, only to affected users.

Now some problems have been confirmed by Microsoft in connection with the latest cumulative update. This time, however, there are no missing files or incompatible drivers like ghosts.

The Microsoft Support page lists three new problems that came with the update. The first listed are two problems that make some users unable to use Win32 programs, such as the Notepad block as the default program for certain file types and applications. Microsoft expects to have a solution to this problem at the end of November. That should mean that the solution will be available before the end of the week.

Furthermore, there are problems faced with Windows Media Player where users may experience problems with the search feature in the application. According to the support page, this problem must be displayed when the user plays "certain files". However, there are no special file types listed on the support page. Some solution launches are not registered by Microsoft. The only thing mentioned on the support page is that solutions will be included in future updates.

The problem has been in line for Windows 10 since version 1809. This last set is relatively light compared to what the previous operating system was, but still worth mentioning.

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