Princess Sofia Sick – Assign Mission


Princess Sofia was forced to resign from a meeting with Sophiahemma Board members. Putri's involvement was institutionalized at the last moment. Swedish Women's Newspaper was first reported.

Assignment canceled

The cause is illness, the court reported.

"That's because it's cold," Margareta Thorgren said.

Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip are grandchildren, like mother and father to Prince Alexander, 2, and Prince Gabriel, 1, and in these cold times, few are forgiven.

But on Wednesday, Sofia's daughter was not sick, but could participate in a conversation about women's entrepreneurship, which was governed by the mindset of "Global Challenges".

Even the Madeleine family has visited the evil virus. Last month, Putri was the mistress of Gala Childhood in New York, but her involvement was doubtful.

Cause: Leonore's daughters, 4, Prince Nicholas, 3 years, and Princess Adrienne, seven months, all had fever and cold.

Then the court is allowed to plan the queen as plan B if Princess Madeleine cannot attend because of the care of sick children.

Fortunately, the children grew up so that both Madeleine's daughters and Queen Silvia could join Galan as planned.

Italian president with daughter on visit

Next week's big mission for the royal family is a state visit from Italy.

Italian President Sergio Matarella visited Sweden on November 13-15 at the invitation of King Carl Gustaf. The president also has his daughter Laura Mattarella.

The theme for the visit is digitalization and sustainability, European collaboration that focuses on research and culture.

Hopefully all members of the royal family are healthy and cheerful.


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