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Overview – Fallout 76 –

This is the second and final part of our Fallout 76 review, where we also got a score. Also read the first part.

Falloutthe series is loved and celebrated, from the first isometric game to more modern parts. This game is seen by many as a timeless classic and has a special place in the hearts of many players. Previously tried to shake the franchise, more specifically with Fallout tactics and Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, became very successful.

What drives us Fallout 76. This indirectly builds a recognized heritage Fallout 4 and play online. This is not in any way Fallout 5, not a bold experiment Fallout-universumet.

Regardless of your character's creation, the introduction is simple and concise. You never get the chance to build a greater hope in the world of Appalachia (loosely based on West Virginia) outside the vault you started. The main story is a problem – it feels almost like a complicated tutorial, rather than a well-written story.

After Valve moved, Freeman's beard grew, taking care of work as a shelter and sneaking into the Village of People.

The story must be lush, but the game still offers content in the form of sporadic audio files and letters that tell their own little stories. Page tasks and daily activities spread the narrative to a certain level, but overall it felt Fallout 76 the script is thinner than the previous game. And the lack of NPCs places higher demands on you as a player to search for side tracks and stories than in the previous section, where you were introduced to them from NPCs. Decisions will certainly be valued and seen depending on the type of player you are.

"Let's call the invisible presence of the long arm of law in anarchist society"

You play alone or together with up to three friends. All players you run in the world can be invited to start the team. PvP is on Fallout 76, but it is destroyed that you respond to an attack by counterattacking, which is a signal for your agreement to match. If you ignore the agreement and still kill the player regularly, you will be "wanted" and other players can chase you to get a prize (right hand). Let us call it the presence of a long arm of law that is not seen in the opposite anarchist society. The structure around is clear: Bethesda doesn't want you to kill other players. For pure research purposes, I tested and FZ's Gustav himself "Mighty" Höglund PvP game, and quickly realized that it didn't lead to much, and the feeling that happened was the most "yes, that's what happened".

A big question that crawls from time to time is if you have to play Fallout 76 all by yourself. The answer is unclear, but I think that a player who is dedicated with great enthusiasm for the mechanism of survival and structure play can lose himself for several weeks in West Virginia and never regrets his decision. I feel this game is a little more fun when I walk with Mr. Höglund to find or rampage against a group of creatures mutating with the old tribal clan from destiny. So the simple answer is: yes, you can play alone. But you have to really explore such multiplayer opportunities Fallout 76 offering a broader experience.

As in the previous game, "SPECIAL" (Strength, Perception, Resilience, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck) is your condition that governs your character development. The difference is that you start with 1 point in each state, instead of building characters with special statistics. Each level gives you the choice to choose "happy cards" from various card games that are open when your progress continues. Personally, I prefer the system from Fallout 4, but it feels.

SPECIALLY lets you be what you want, now in a slightly revised form.

Fallout 76 not free of bugs, and although many are graphic, such as floating or rotating objects and low resolution textures, the game has frozen several times. The most annoying bug I encountered was when I was going to clean the backyard of the enemy and one of them was stuck in the animation, so I could not complete the mission. The enemies are not smart, their AI is the most fun playing behind the corner when they are clearly exposed, making them confused but a grateful target.

The funniest bug is a cracking mutant that rotates and looks like a breakdance participant from "So you think you can dance". I had to reboot the game on two occasions when the holocaust player refused to play a message to proceed to the story. Servers have felt relatively stable, regardless of the launch date, but I lost their connection on several occasions. Overall, this game feels like a bunch of patches to get rid of many of the problems that it currently has.

At first glance it is experienced Fallout 76 like a game that is more colorful than before that is yellow, orange and red. It runs fast and returns to four brown gray colors, which are recognized from the previous game in the series. On the PS4 version, image updates are really hopeless, actually under all criticism. Control is hurt and the dream of a perfect shot is just forgetting. Sometimes it's so bad that the game catches up really when I do something as easy as taking a paper trap or firing an ointment bullet. So when the enemy gets bigger and bigger, I find myself suddenly laughing and laughing at the stop motion films from Ukraine with hand knitted socks that keep the flow better than Fallout 76.

"Exploration suffers because supplies continue to overflow"

I usually don't have a problem with the survival game. I understand the idea behind the layout and feel very entertaining for the most part. My big problem with Fallout 76 is that exploration suffered because of the continually abundant supply that brought me back to my desk, commercial robot or with a little luck, a traveling merchant. However, it must be mentioned that Bethesda has announced through sticky notes that they will review the space in the near future. What this means in practice remains to be seen.

Fallout 76 is the best unbalanced experience where I am alone or with several other players exploring and surviving in various locations in West Virginia. When it's the worst, I will go through many "fetch searches" that I meet. Cross the distance from point A to point B. Then go back to point A, send it to point C, and finally take the heavy step back to point A, which quickly becomes repetitive and boring.

No, I certainly will not return to West Virginia to find all the secrets, reach the maximum limit and bear all the challenges. Nothing pulled me back. Future promises are in accordance with the standard template in terms of varied content, which feels safe while the promise means zero at the moment. I also didn't expect the news to justify making a new game Falloutconcept.

Fallout 76 in the end it was a shaky experience in a forced social environment, a game that fought for many genres, which produced nothing. This is an interesting experiment, while it is a broken boot shooter that smells of distant initial access. It will be better than that Fallout 4expansion, both in terms of feasibility and price tags.

footnote: Tested on the PS4.

Fallout 76


Bethesda's aesthetic taste


The soundtrack is full as usual

Technology is obsolete in almost every aspect

Pathetic mission structure

Online that feels offline

The most useless PvP this year

This means the value on FZ

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