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Overdose shortens life expectancy in the United States – News

Statistics from 1979 onwards show that the number of deaths from drug overdoses has risen sharply in the United States, from 2,475 in 1979 to 72,000 last year. Overdose is now the most common cause of death for Americans under 50 years of age.

Today, synthetic opioids, especially fentanyl, cause the most deaths from all drugs. After that, physiological heroin and opioids follow. In the fourth place, cocaine comes.

The health of the United States Health and Human Services Agency has determined that the United States has never been before an opioid epidemic. 2.4 million Americans are currently estimated to be addicted to opioids.

Ordinary days in the United States take more than 650,000 prescriptions about opioids (usually painkillers) in pharmacies in the country. Statistics show that four out of five current opioid users have started with pain relievers.

Legal proceedings are underway against a number of pharmaceutical companies accused of contributing to the epidemic.

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