Nordstrand makes TV4 shows with rider parades – Culture & Fun


television Program leader recognized by Crystal Frida Nordstrand will lead the new TV4 initiative "Vinnarskallar", where parade marches meet in various competitions and will also tell about their lives and careers – as in the popular "Master of the Champions" SVT.

During the series, participants will be forced to leave the contest and all culminate in the final where the winner wins the skull of victory this year.

"When I accepted the program idea that was presented to me, I immediately thought that this was a program that I missed without realizing it, but it would affect me as much as I did, I wasn't ready," Frida Nordstrand said in a press release.

"These people are really superheroes. They have overcome the worst of misery and life, thank you very much for sports."

Who will participate in this program will be presented later. "Vinnarskallar" will be premiered on TV4 this spring.


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