N7 day! Mass Effect: Andromeda gets the Xbox One X-patch that shines in a gift


Congratulations, Mass Effect. Today is N7 and we celebrate in the forum to talk about beautiful old memories from Biyare sci-fi saga. For most people it's not good at all Mass Effectmemories identical to Andromeda, the fourth part of last year which quickly became a series of black sheep.

Now, at least, the game has been hit by up to 4K on the Xbox One X, when X-patch 1.68 GB was destroyed like this during the N7 day. This year, maybe not much can be celebrated. Although Bioware has a team that works more Mass Effect (and Dragon Age) focus is focused now Anthem.

But then? Dragon Age 4? Effect Mass 5? We might not count Andromeda 2, although …

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