"Maybe you have prepared someone else's murder"


The alarm came to the police shortly after 3pm until Tuesday.

Five men, aged 18-26, must have penetrated the house in Garpenberg in the municipality of Hedemora.

According to the police, there were families in the residence. A man should open the door. A woman and child should also be in place.

Men and women, both in their 40s, must have experienced gun threats.

– Items such as pistols should be shown, said Stefan Dangardt, presidential spokesman at the police in the Bergslagen region.

The five people were arrested in a nearby area a few hours later. According to police, they are homeowners in Stockholm.

The police are currently in residence on Tuesday morning.

Now they are all suspected of being very unlawful threats, heavy homeless breaks and preparation for murder.

"What I understand is that the five men were equally suspicious of participation. Homeless crimes and threats were aimed at those in this residence. Preparing for murder, if they wanted to kill the people there, they might have done it," said Dangardt, continue.

– We don't think they came to the wrong house. They come in and it looks like they are looking for something. Maybe maybe they didn't find it, but they resigned from there.

Are they looking for someone who isn't home?

– That can't be ruled out. We have reason to assume that they might have prepared murder against others. But what we know or don't know, I don't want to comment.

The police did not rule out that the people arrested were looking for someone who was not at home at this time.

The police have confiscated a car. If weapons or weapons to be used in connection with threatening men and women are also confiscated, that is not clear.

– If we find an offer on a car, I cannot comment. But I do not know that we have weapons.

During the morning, prosecutors are expected to decide whether men should be arrested.


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