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Love Extreme: 1 year ago Harry and Meghan got engaged!

Engagement pictures appear a month later. And what picture is that!

Of course they are good together – so their love is seen!

In an interview with the BBC regarding the engagement, Prince Harry and Meghan revealed details about how everything went.

"That was a few weeks ago when we were in the cottage and made a comfortable dinner together," said the prince.

"It was a great surprise. Everything was very nice, natural and romantic. He knelt down while saying Meghan Markle and burst out laughing.

Is it of course "yes"?

– yes! I just finished before I answered!

"It's a very pleasant moment, only you and me. And I think I managed to surprise you," he said.

See the interview directly below:

Meghan and Harry met in the summer of 2016, at a party at Soho House in London, and managed to keep the secret of their relationship for several months. Then it's only one year before the ring is on your finger … and talking about that ring.

Proudly, Meghan appeared for media coverage outside Kensington Palace. That Harry chose only diamonds from Botswana was because it was a place that meant a lot to them as a couple, and they were there on this summer vacation, handing over a British court.

Prince Harry's mother, Princess Diana, is also in his own way. Two small diamonds on the ring came from his personal collection. The ring is made of gold and is made by Queen Elizabeth's Cleave & Company.

The months after the engagement are a big upload for a wonderfully beautiful wedding that takes place this summer in the beautiful English countryside of Windsor, which is about an hour outside London. And oh, what kind of marriage is that. We hope we can roll back the clock and relive the magic!

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Photo: British court, IBL, Stella

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