Saturday , May 8 2021

Live TV: Christmas Merry Christmas 2018 – News

This year's Christmas gift choir has been going on since 1988 and was appointed by HUI Research, a company owned by Svensk Handel trade association. This is not any gadget that will be a Christmas present this year. Certain criteria must be met:

Products must be new or have gained new interest for this year.

This must respond to high sales value or sell in large quantities.

This will represent the time we live.

This year's Christmas gift for years:

1988: Bakers

1989: Camcorders

1990: Wokpannan

1991: CD player

1992: TV games

1993: Aroma (perfume)

1994: Cellphones

1995: CD

1996: Internet package

1997: Electronic pets, such as Tamagotchi

1998: Computer games

1999: The Book

2000: DVD player

2001: Tools

2002: Cookbook

2003: Mesh

2004: Flat Screen TV

2005: A set of poker

2006: Audiobook

2007: GPS receiver

2008: An experience

2009: Nail mats

2010: Surfplate

2011: Packaged food boxes

2012: Headphones

2013: Centrifuge racing

2014: Activity Army

2015: Robot vacuum cleaner

2016: VR Glasses

2017: Elcykel

Source: Swedish trade

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