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Jill Johnson "Welcome to Christmas Island" – Reviews

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Jill Johnson's Christmas Event.


Gävle. Jill Johnson makes a stylish Christmas event in the classic Las Vegas style.

But he wants to pour salt again into pork.

Jill Johnson: "Welcome to Christmas Island"

After the success of last fall with the show "It lives", there Jill Johnson supported by the Big Bohuslane Band, it might not be a fear that a versatile singer would stay on the big track when he was on a Christmas tour.

"Welcome to Christmas Island" based on the Christmas album he released last year and as recorded Anders Berglund holding the conductor, in front of the Sandviken Big Band banner.

Exclusive superproffs on stage, so, and what is offered is a kind of swing-nostalgic Las Vegas Christmas, which smells more of cocktails than soft and ratifies a blanket suit for party blowing and smoking.

Johnson & Berglund's team has had a good taste for a series of Christmas and Winter songs that cannot be discussed from the American Great Songbook, which they also mixed themselves from two of John's own Christmas discs.

Next to all evergreens like Ella fitzgerald or Frank Sinatra become eternal actually Nisse Landgrens a balloon of melancholy fish "I hope it's Christmas" one of the highlight of the night.

This band sounds amazing, both in the blues version Shelby Lynnes "It's nothing but Christmas" and a silly nightclub "What are you doing on New Year's Eve". Berglund season settings with small music Christmas vouchers.

And Johnson balanced the use of the word "Christmas" excessively with something else, including a very bad version of their own country, "Crazy falling in love".

This show is, as a whole, a Christmas mousse in style, framed by a little anecdote that is talked about freely about not packing too much stress and how, for the first time, he will celebrate a children's festival without children with new love this year .

And maybe it's a little more than that, the sad blue side, which has been needed to lift the show above the trivial threshold for something important seriously.

Because that's when he dared there, like in his own "Blue December" or Wayne Newton "Christmas trip", because it's really burning.

All songs

1 Christmas Island 2 It starts to look very similar to Christmas 3
I will be waiting for you 4 Blue December 5 Mistletoe and holly 6
Christmas time here 7 Man with that bag eighth After you leave 9
Moon river 10 Christmas trip 11 White Christmas (instrumental)
12 Cheeks to cheeks 13 What are you doing on New Year's Eve 14 winter
wonderland 15 Not like Christmas 16 I hope that
Christmas 17 Crazy falling in love 18 Når du ønsker på en stjerne 19 Leave it alone
snow Extras: 20. I can't give you anything but love 21 silver

Here you can see Jill Johnson's Christmas program

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