It's really okay to sell Dunderhonung at the bar – Linkopingnews


Some media have now reported that the Patent and Registration Office, PRV, had said it and decided that the captured Shotluckan would continue selling shots dubbed "Dunderhonung" in the bars.

super honey

Rabaldret began with the opinion of the publisher of the Bamses comic book that Shotluckan sold a shot nicknamed "Dunderhonung", which was super honey used by the main character of the newspaper. In particular, Bamseförlaget has objections to the name used to sell alcohol when the comic book first and foremost addresses children.


Barkedjan, on the other hand, means that it is clear that a person turns to an adult audience and that there is no possibility of confusion. PRV is on the Shotluck line, which means that you can continue to sell their "Dunderhonung" at their bar.

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