Isabell Krantz decided to finish Pixbo: It's better now


Five goals last season.

So how will we understand in the whole world that Pixbos Isabell Krantz has turned into a river of goalscores?

"I feel much better now than before," he said.

It is not unusual for a 29-year-old child to take great action in his development. That what happened to Pixab's Isabell Krantz was clear to anyone who examined the subject.

Last year: 5 + 11 in all series.

Now: 11 + 7 after less than half the season.

When Pixbo won the derby against IBK Göteborg with a score of 6-0, then the back back made three goals and one assist.

"I scored four goals against Malmo for two matches since. This is just as good, Krantz said.

"This is reflected in performance"

He was not happy with the match. The game was hampered by feelings of nervousness and derby, so close resistance blocked offensive time.

But how should we understand the transformation of 29 years?

One explanation is that Stephanie Boberg's counterattack went to Change before the season. The hole needed to be sealed and therefore Krantz stepped forward. Another explanation is more personal.

– There are personal things outside of different boundaries. You have to feel good, then you get more from yourself, and if not it will be reflected in performance, "said Isabell Krantz.

Have you expected this success?

– No Even though I have known since I was young I returned to attack, but just didn't get it.

Pixbo is invincible on SSL and tops the table.

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