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In November 2017, 18 women at the Dagens Nyheter testified about how they were exposed to sexual harassment and abuse of so-called cultural profiles, with close relations with the Swedish Academy. He denied the crime and part of the pre-trial will be downloaded later. But in June, he was charged with two rape cases.

A deep crack occurs when an attorney's inquiry, Sara Danius, presents, as a cultural profile connection with the members, presented. Peter Englund, Kjell Espmark and Klas Östergren left their seats.

Horace Engdahl wrote on April 10, Expressing that "Sara Danius was the secretary of all secretaries since 1786". Two days later, he left the post as a permanent secretary and his chair. Also, Catherine Frostenson left.

On May 22, Sara Danius, Kjell Espmark and Peter Englund demanded that Horace Engdahl leave the Swedish Academy. Instead, they are ready to "help with reconstruction". On August 31, Sara Danius, Kjell Espmark and Peter Englund announced that they might "possibly" participate in the invasion of new members, which will take place in the fall when three new members are elected.

Facts: Klara K. Network

Klara K is a gender equality institution for strategic counseling and opinion formation that promotes women's careers, including highlighting women's role models. For the seventh year in a row, Klara K shares prizes for role models in leadership, equality, courage and integrity.

Endurance award in 2018: Katarina Wennstam

Eye opener this year 2018: Sandra Bourbon

This year's model 2018: Sara Danius

Penguin Prize 2018: Sweden's leading political leader, represented by current party leaders or former parliamentary parties: Anna Kinberg Batra (M), Mona Sahlin (S), Annie Lööf (C), Gudrun Schyman (V), Ebba Busch Thor ( KD), Maria Leissner (L) and Isabella Lövin (MP).


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