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"I did it for money"

Juha Mieto and Thomas Wassberg. Photo: Screenshot / Youtube

For several weeks, it was clear that ATG entered the main sponsor of the Swedish National Ski Team. Collaborating with gaming companies is something that Charlotte Kalla and Hanna Öberg, among others, have criticized. But everyone disagrees and that is the question that divides the Swedish shooter team.

People who have now partnered with gaming companies are one of the most classic Swedish ski heroes, Thomas Wassberg. The 15-mile race and the battle between Wassberg and Juha Mieto in the 1980s is one of the most memorable moments that has been invited by Åsarna rider. That when Wassberg managed to defeat Finland with only one hundredth of a margin.

38 years have passed since the race at Lake Placid. But now old rivals are reunited in many advertisements for game companies.

"I do it for money, sometimes payments must be settled," Wassberg told Sportexpressen.

At present, 62 years is working as chairman of the IK Åsarnas, but this initiative is ideally carried out.

"I don't spend so much money, but it's clear. Your little one needs a car to vomit up.

The amount of money Wassberg draws on advertising depends on how many people enter and play the game for advertising purposes. The game where Wassberg and Mieto meet again. How it feels to meet really doesn't tell Wassberg many things.

– This is going well.

Wassberg stretched his arms in the weather after successfully taking gold just before Juho Mieto. To the right you can see three Ove Aunli. Photo: Hans T Dahlskog / TT

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