"He murmured and complained about everything"


Uwe Rösler accused Sarpsborg players of filming.
Now he gets the answer to speak.
– I remember him from Eliteseria. He was sick and complained about all possibilities, said Amin Askar to TV2.

MFF coach Uwe Rösler has a past as coach at several Norwegian clubs. Rösler basically settled in Lillestrøm, Viking and Molde and thus a famous face in this country.

On Thursday, a meeting again for Malmö FF is expected to fight Sarpsborg Norway in the European League – and before the match, Sarpsborg's player Amin Askar sent a passport to Germany. The reason is that Rösler after the last match in Norway considered the Sarpsborg player to make a film.

– I remember him from Eliteseria. He often gets sick and complains about all possibilities, "Amin Askar told Norwegian TV2.

"We are not a film team. We may be aggressive and do everything in a duel, but we don't fall. We'll see who falls most tomorrow.

His teammate Ole Jörgen Halvorsen believes that Rösler might be surprised at how well Sarpsborg played in the first match.

"A lot of frustration from Uwe Rösler when it didn't go as expected and I really thought he was a little surprised that we were as good as we really are," he told TV2.

At a press conference on Wednesday, Rösler spoke about the importance of Malmö getting good results at home tomorrow.

"We have to win the match (tomorrow) to get us out of group matches. This is very important for us.


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