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13 years ago Hans Rosenfeldt was an unhappy and obese entertainment director at SVT. Today he is much easier, both body and mind. 25 kilograms has been rumored since he quit his job and daily life is filled with salary conversion, relocation, and rehablist has been replaced with, at least, a stressful, but often fun, creative project.

It took me a little while to realize that I was right to become a manager. It's the same when I try to act as an actor once, it takes a while before I realize what other people already know, that is, that I am worthless, he said, laughing.

Large collection with thriller series

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Will there be more TV movies with Rolf Lassgard like Sebastian Bergman? Very unclear. Lassgård is too old for that role and looks amazing with the right to shoot. "This is a very complicated legal problem that we've been waiting for. There are very many who have rights to the Sebastian Bergman TV section," Hans Rosenfeldt noted.

In fact, we met to talk about "A Higher Justice", Sebastian Bergman's sixth book in the series he wrote together with Michael Hjorth. But Hans Rosenfeldt had so many other projects in the course of the interview elsewhere. A month ago, Norstedts announced in a press release that publishers had many series of thrillers aimed at international markets – "bets that are in line with the Millennium Series". Author? Hans Rosenfeldt.

Here, they raised their expectations to the maximum before something appeared. But it's good to say, I guess, he said a little ironic.

Few writers were launched so hard before the script for the first book was completed. But now he has a number of successes on his back. "Source" was sold to 180 countries and six countries chose to make their own versions. "Marcella" received a rather warm welcome when it aired on UK ITV, but was very good at Netflix and Hjorth and the Rosenfeldt box series has now sold more than four million copies worldwide.

Kiruna will be the next city

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Hans Rosenfeldt has tried to limit the number of projects so that he only works with one at a time. However, he was full. "Marcella 3 & # 39; will come in 2019 and that is my new book that will be available in 2020 and then Sebastian Bergman will be the seventh part, which will also come 2020, hopefully," he said.

Malmö (and Copenhagen) is a nav. "Bronze" is clear. In the Hjorth / Rosenfeldt series, Riksmord solves cases in various cities for each book – "Higher Justice", for example, mostly played at Uppsala. Where the new thriller series must be completed is not yet one hundred percent clear, but he predicts that Kiruna will be in the police of his hard-working woman.

I want to put it down because of its proximity to Finland and in the long run to Russia. Then I have understood from "Bron" that Sweden feels very exotic abroad and if you are even farther north it will be more exotic – so it does not harm the international community.

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Hans Rosenfeldt had a complete professional life – but he did not leave the program director's job for "On Minute". "It's my little oasis, it's really relaxation," he said.

The rest is still kept secret until the first book is published in 2020.

"We become too smart"

Fragrance and many villospores have become a little sign of Rosenfeldt. In "A Higher Justice", this action is about a series of brutal rape, but at the same time several parallel stories are taking place, which in at least one case will be completed first in Sebastian Bergman's next book.

TT: Have you ever felt that you were too smart?

I think we became too smart in season two "Bron". There the crowd can't really follow – right, I think. We met with these viruses that we spread.

Hans Rosenfeldt really worked best with the others. At Michael Hjorth, he has the perfect partner to complete himself. Micke has encouraged, he explained, looking for more advanced than backward and thinking solution-oriented. Rosenfeldt square, has more control of needs, but also fewer problems with work discipline.

When I didn't work, I was very good at releasing it.

Success abroad has given him a large income, last year the Rosenfeldt company produced seven million kronor. But don't think Hans Rosenfeldt is an economical Wunderkind. When he signed a contract with SVT about "Bron", he managed to write the right to self-production from another series of countries.

I have a shit agreement. But not because they deceived me. That the Swedish series will be sold to 180 countries and there will be six versions of themselves that are not on the map.


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