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"Fortnite has reached 200 million registered players"

Fortnite is a success story but the same in the gaming world and now Epic Games developers have confirmed that more than 200 million players have registered for the game and the record for the number of simultaneous games has exceeded 8.3 million.

The number of Fortnite players continues to grow. Four months after the launch of the game, the title has reached 40 million registered players, 125 million after nine months and now the number has risen north from 200 million.

This is a number confirmed by the game developer Epic Games for the Wall Street Journal. In the same way, the studio also mentioned that the highest number of simultaneous players measured in the game was 8.3 million. About four million more than measured in February.

The numbers include not only free game modes with the subtitle "Battle Royale" which is the most popular part of the game. Fortnite Battle Royale has now found its way to PCs, MacOS, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS. This game also holds the top position as the most popular topic on the Twitch streaming platform since March. It was also reported that the title attracted $ 233 million in March.

Despite the fact that this game is a little funny, not everyone welcomes the game with open arms. Recently, the "Fuck Fortnite" campaign was launched by Katrin Zytomierska. The aim of this campaign is to keep children and teenagers away from games that are very popular because of their violent content.

Although Fortnite had become a member of the Battle Royale genre, it seemed difficult for challengers to get the chance to take the Epic Games title from the first place.

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