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Follow SVT review – now donations have arrived

Yesterday's customer Blekinge SVT News report about how fundraising that will go to poor children and suffering animals in Egypt has never been left to the promised organization. Collection is done via one of the Support Fund's personal Facebook pages, but with the same personal telephone number and a swish account used in work with the Support Office.

How much money was swung is unclear, but according to the woman's own information around SEK 600.

– What I post on my personal Facebook, I think I do not belong. That is my privacy, said the woman in charge.

But do you use numbers and the same approach?

– But even though I'm public on the Support Fund, I have to have a private life, right? If I posted it on the Support Office page, I would understand that you have questioned.

SVT has tried to get a new interview with the person in charge after the publication without success.

Image evidence sent to donor

On social media on the Swedish Support Agency page, the person responsible for writing on Tuesday, after the SVT publication: "The $ 600 collected on my personal Facebook Read Private has gone exactly where they went. For poor children, unfortunately I don't have the paypal the organization needs, so SEK 600 is still in my account, how can it be relevant to my work at Stödkassen"Button.

He also wrote that five donors received photographic evidence that the money was used.

SVT News Blekinge has been in contact with donors who are asking for money for fundraising now in Egypt. From Egypt, photos are sent to children's donors in Blekinge who have been given food and clothing.

– I was told that the children in the picture were helped by my money. There are small children, maybe seven to eight years old. I do it in good faith because I want to help. Now I don't know what else to believe, said the donor.

But on Wednesday evening, a contribution equivalent to SEK 600 was finally handed over from the Support Fund manager to Hurghada Gives, through contacts in Egypt.

– We just got money and are very happy about it. They will be used to buy food and medicine for El Maris villagers in northern Egypt, said Zoe Shutler, chief executive of Hurghada Gives.

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