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Fiaskodejt Erik Nilsson with Caroline Kylli in Bonde looking for mrs


Lots of kisses, a little jealousy – and noisy noises.

The decisive final part of "Farmers looking for wives" creates a lot of emotions.

"I feel very empty," Caroline Kylli said after an excursion with Henrik Nilsson in the program

TV4's episode & # 39; s "Farmer Seeking Mommy" this week is the last chance for farmers to express their feelings about the final election.

For dairy farmers Susanna Karlsson, who has feelings for both Jim Wahlstrom and Hannes Haraldsson has grown stronger, it's a difficult decision to take. And after two romantic days, the choice between the funny Jim and the safe Hannes family became increasingly difficult.

"Both are really the right girlfriend for me, that's what makes it very difficult," he said in the program.

Fishing trip is full of conflicts

This kind of fancy problem is nothing Erik Nilsson need a slap with Wednesday's episode. What starts with a happy date on the track Alicia Holmgren end with a breaking fishing day Caroline Kylli.

Already before the excursion there is doubt in the air.

"Erik is very focused on everything practical. I feel the pressure then to convey and be good. There will be a focus on anything but only that feeling must be there for love, Kylli said in the program.

Even though the date was in one of Erik Nilsson's favorite places, his company didn't sleep with the idea of ​​fishing. Finally he ventured and faced the chickens.

"So, if a girl doesn't like nature, is she nothing to you? She asks.

The answer comes quickly and mercilessly:

– No, this is quite simple.

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The fish farm in your hand goes to the pipe for Caroline and Erik on "Farmers looking for wives".

The debate continued until the end of the day and ended with the two lovers discovering that they did not understand each other at all.

"When you spend so much time planning, it will be a bad backstroke, none of these two girls are here if I don't feel any feelings for them," Erik said while packing his fishing gear.

"Like you, but …"

In dairy farmers Simon Ohlssons agriculture has begun to intercept among his admirers. When it's clear Amanda Olsson Rhodin going to date can't Frida Eriksson hiding their jealousy.

"I hope their date becomes a disaster. It gets a snowstorm or rain or anything so it gets boring so they go home, he said.

Weather prayer, however, has no hearing. Instead, it's a sunny day with horseback riding and picnics. In the middle of all the green, Simon Ohlsson decided to express his feelings to Amanda Olsson Rhodin.

"I feel we are very close and you are really great at everything," he began.

Dairy farmers do not give a point there. Instead, viewers are left with big and strong cliff hangers when he pulls out with "cold" but … "before the program ends.

They were abandoned and dating the farmers

Then go for our favorite farmers 1:20

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