Friday , January 15 2021

Female fungal infections are mistaken for cancer

The woman, who stood behind the notice to Ivo, wrote that she experienced a feeling of sweating, pain and "cracking" in her stomach every time she bent.

At the first doctor's visit, which occurred in September 2016, he was told that he began to grow old and would use oil on the mucous membrane.

"I do not believe this with oil and seek help from gynecological health in Uppsala," the woman wrote in her report.

There he was examined and a mushroom sample was taken to show that he had a fungal infection. The woman is treated with mushrooms through tablets and ointments. The problem is relieved, but not lost.

Second visit performed by an obstetrician because the stomach ache does not disappear. The gynecologist then sent the woman to another obstetrician who would become an expert in fungal infections, the woman said in a notification.

The obstetrician continued on the same line and said that "the fungus that sits can be difficult to get rid of," the woman said in her notification to Ivo.

"Here a skin test will be taken, I think. But you are stupid, you trust your doctor. I am very sorry that I did not accept the opinions of the other two doctors," the woman wrote.

He said that he saw a gap in the stomach when the doctor showed using a mirror. The obstetrician then argued that if treatment for fungal infections did not help at this time, a skin test would be taken.

However, on almost one visit, the skin test failed because the cracks had begun to heal, the doctor said. Four weeks later, the woman returned to visit. Then a skin test was taken because the crack was left behind.

In June 2017, the woman was told that the analytical response showed that she had stomach cancer after she was referred to the Academic Hospital for surgery.

Ivo is now criticizing health care providers because it takes a long time to investigate other causes of the woman's symptoms.

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