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"Evil people with weapons do serious crimes"

Anders Lundin was in prison with a young wheelbarrow in Dalarna and sat on it the transmitter.

Tonight, Thursday, SVT's newest nature program "In the Beast & Track" began with Anders Lundin as Program Manager. The attack debate, without exaggeration, is a very hot topic now. Especially when it comes to wolves.

In the first part of the four programs we will join the research team when they from the helicopter stumble and dare to train the young wagon in Dalarna and supply it with transmitters.

Tell us about the experience when you hit a wolf up close.

"It's funny not far from where I grew up. We had a summer house outside Ludvika, and during that childhood I dreamed that I could see some animals when I sat looking at the lake, Anders Lundin said.

– A neighbor had seen a bear, and there I sat like a little and hoped it would happen again. So I always imagined that there would be wolves there.

It was like a long story that received pleasant follow-up

"Finally, I finally agreed that, almost on the other side of the hut, we would find a wolf and sweep and turn on the transmitter. It was like a long story that had happy follow-up, Anders said.

The pope's debate is stubborn. Anders Lundin met with a retired police officer who told us how wide the hunt for thieves was.

In the program, the wolf receives a transmitter and then has interesting eyes to avoid too much stress. And when the eyelashes are released, you come out "Now it becomes magical"

"Yes, of course, it's clear to look into the eyes of wolves, they carry so many secrets about nature and forests. It feels like it's a very special creature that you meet," said Anders Lundin.

The Vargdebatten is hotter than before, and in the first part of the series you meet a retired police officer who tells of the widespread scream of predators. What do you think about that?

Taking the right to kill is very strange for normal people

"I think it's very tragic and evil that people with weapons commit serious crimes and it's very difficult to access them.

"To take the right to kill is very strange for normal people to understand," Anders said.

You clearly indicate your position in the predator question in this program series.

"I work with this program because I think this is important, so there is no reason not to mention what I think, it is not a strange opinion in any way," Anders said, and continued:

"This is a natural program and it is clear that for ecosystems that do not break, and that the animals that belong to our fauna must be protected, that is clear. On the other hand, people must understand that there are certain industries that are affected and have problems when the predator returns, and you must try to solve it.

The best experience according to Anders Lundin is the label of the brown bear. Photo. SVT In predator predators

If you summarize the entire program series, which is the best experience?

"Somewhere between Orsa and Sveg, we are in the sign of a brown bear, it's amazing, it's an amazing experience. That's the best thing about the entire recording.

What is your emotional impression now after recording the program?

"There is a very large area, one understands that it is difficult to find those who do thieves, but it is very impossible to understand that there will be no room for everyone, that is completely incomprehensible.

The SVT documentary series "On carnivorous tracks" was broadcast on Thursday at 8:00 p.m. in SVT 1

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