"Bron" starred in the new big role of Sofia Helin


Sofia Helin, 46, has accepted a new lead role after "Bron".

NRK now confirmed in a press release that the Swedish actor was leading in "Atlantic Crossing", a new series of eight episodes which was described as one of the biggest Nordic drama initiatives ever.

SVT is one of the co-producers and will send the series.

"Atlantic crossings" are about Crown Princess Märtha, Princess in Sweden and after the marriage of Crown Prince Olav, also Princess Mahkota in Norway.

The Crown Princess fled Norway in 1940 in connection with the German occupation of the country. He later became a close friend of President Roosevelt and a player on the world political scene.

Sofia Helin said in comments:

"This is a story that has not been told before, about a woman who made a difference in world history. An interesting role. Previously, there was no room to tell about women with work during World War II, but now it will change."

Sofia Helin is loyal and prepares carefully for the series and the role of Crown Princess Märtha.

"I studied Norwegian and read all the history books I encountered about World War II and the Norwegian and Swedish royal families. I also tried to learn what was the difference between upper class and" ordinary home "and had gone to the castle to learn how to cheat music and table label. "

Alexander Eik is the author of "Atlantic Crossing" and has worked with screenwriter Linda May Kallestein and worked for the series for seven years.

Alexander Eik believes that the role of Crown Princess Märtha means that Sofia Helin will show her new side of acting.

"In the series, we followed his political revival during the war. He was a woman who used to step back, but was forced to stand on his own feet when he and children fled to the United States while Crown Prince Olav lives in London."

Alexander Eik continues:

"What fascinates me the most is that this is a love story and feminist story, about people who faced a big test and were forced to change while at the same time influencing world history."

"Bron" ended earlier this year after four seasons. Since then, Sofia Helin has been featured in the Danish "Lifeboat" film, where she plays one of the main roles.

In connection with the last episode of "Bron", I asked Sofia Helin what she thought of her role figure, Saga Noren, did after the end of the series:

"In the past, I had considered what Saga had done when he was on vacation and then I thought he had traveled and helped with some well-known investigations. I don't think he did it now but I think he took the day to come. he will do that or that, but he comes out of something unknown, "Sofia Helin said.

For a long time, the idea was that Sofia Helin would join the upcoming "Honor" Viaplay series. As I can reveal this summer, Eva Rösa will be included in the main ensemble, along with Alexandra Rapaport, Julia Dufvenius and Anja Lundqvist.

However, Sofia Helin remained as executive producer for "Heder". Helin, together with Rapaport, Dufvenius and Lundqvist, also formed a series quiz. "Honor" is expected to premiere next year.

"Atlantic Crossing" was produced by Cinenord for NRK, with SVT and DR as co-producers. The series is scheduled for premiere 2021.


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